Keystroke Point of Sale Help

Sales Manager - Contents

Using Sales Manager

Using Kiosk Mode

Keystroke Loyalty

1st Column

Age Comment


Auto Logout Time

Back Orders

Card On File

Change the Transaction Date

Change the Transaction Number

Change the Transaction Time

Change the Quantity

Check Minimum Age

Complete Sale Screen

Confirm $0.00 Cost

Confirm Age

Confirm Contact (Ship To:)

Confirm Price

Confirm Price Table

Confirm Quantity

Confirm Tax Table

Contact Entry

Copy Inventory Comment


Credit Memo - Payment Received On Account

Customer Comment

Customer Entry - Detailed Entry Screen

Customer Entry - Simplified Entry Screen

Customer Entry Field

Customer Menu

Dataport Parameters

Default Quantity Settings

Default Tax Code

Delete And Insert Line Items

Description Check

Detail Box

Dimension Calculator

Disable Customer Note

Display Contact (Ship To:)

Display Customer Age

Display Customer Amount Due

Display Customer Last Purchase Date

Display Customer Total Purchases Amount

Display Modes - Default Sales Transaction Type

Display Parameters

Drawer At End Only

Edit Field

Edit Field - Cost

Edit Field - Discount %

Edit Field - Price Code

Edit Field - Salesperson

Edit a Processed Card Payment

Edit an Account Receivable Payment

Enable Quantity * Item

Enter Customer First

Entry Field

Entry Field - AltID#

Entry Field - Class

Entry Field - Description

Entry Field - Manufacturer

Entry Field - Product Code

Entry Field - Stock Number

First Column

Gift Cards

Gift Registry

Invoice/Receipt Printing

Item Lookup

Items with Custom Descriptions (Using the * Character)


Line Item Detail Screen

Line Item Entry Parameters

Line Items - Adjusting the Cost

Line Items - Adjusting the Price

Line Items - Entry Mode

Line Items - Entering

Line Items - Importing

List Field

List Field - AltID#

List Field - Class

List Field - Current Field

List Field - Description

List Field - Manufacturer

List Field - Product Code

List Field - Stock Number

Macro Parameters

Merge Same Items


On Hold

Order $ Amount Discount To Invoice

Order Subtotal

Paid Out / [Shift]+[F7]


Payment Screen

Payment List

Payments - Entering

Phone 2

Price Calculator

Price Check

Prompt For Clerk

Prompt For Number/Date


Quick Load

Quick Save

Quote/Comma Delimited File Format


Recall a Voided Transaction

Recurring Charge

Recurring Charges Function



ROA Payments-Credit Memos

Sales Entry Parameters

Sales Invoice

Sales Manager Menus

Sales Order

Sales Payment Types

Sales Transaction Menu

Sales Transaction - Amount

Sales Transaction - Clearing

Sales Transaction - Copying

Sales Transaction - Date

Sales Transaction - Deleting

Sales Transaction - Editing

Sales Transaction - Recalling Deleted

Sales Transaction - Description

Sales Transaction - Number

Sales Transaction - Entering

Sales Transaction Parameters

Sales Transaction Print Button Defaults

Sales Transaction Print Button Options - Print to Printer

Sales Transaction Print Button Options - Print to File

Sales Transaction Print Button Options - Save

Sales Transaction Types

Sales Transaction Types - Changing

Sales Transaction Types - Default Hotkeys

Sales Transaction Types - Description - Archive

Sales Transaction Types - Description - Gift Registry

Sales Transaction Types - Description - Layaway

Sales Transaction Types - Description - Not Used

Sales Transaction Types - Description - On Hold

Sales Transaction Types - Description - Recurring Charge

Sales Transaction Types - Description - Rental

Sales Transaction Types - Description - Sales Invoice

Sales Transaction Types - Description - Sales Order

Sales Transaction Types - Description - Service Order

Sales Transaction Types - Description - Special Order

Save Change Amount

Scan Serial Numbers

Select Contact

Service Order

Selectable Comments

Select a Customer Contact

Select a Transaction Type

Serial Numbers - Select on Transactions

Ship Subtotal

Shipping - Minimum Charge

Shipping - Percent Charge

Shipping - Tax Code

Skip OK Button on Customer Entry

Sort Line Items

Special Keys

Special Menu

Special Order

Start On

Stock Number CheckSum

Stock Shortage Warning


Tax Code

Tax Amount


Transaction Comments

Transaction Number/Date/Time

Transaction Numbers (and letters)

Transaction Search Function

Transaction Search Parameters

Update Ship Quantity Only when Editing Orders

Utilities Menu

Warn if Price Below Cost

Warning Beeps

Which One? List

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