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The Selectable Comments Line Item Entry Parameter defines the number of Selectable Comments each line item may have.

Some Inventory items require standard comments to be included on the Sales Transaction when they are sold. These comments may be entered and saved on the Inventory item database record in the Selectable Comments field and re-used (copied to the Sales Transaction) when the item is sold. Each Inventory database record may have its own Selectable Comments list (except for Serialized items).

To use Selectable Comments for an item:

- The item must NOT require Serial Number Tracking (the Serialized flag must be disabled (OFF/blank).
- Select the Serial#s button to display the Selectable Comments list.
- Enter each Selectable Comment on a separate line and press [F10] to save.
- When the item is entered on a Sales Transaction, the list of Selectable Comments is displayed.
- Select Comments from the list and press [Esc] when finished.
- Each Comment selected is copied to the item's line item Comment field on the Sales Transaction and saved with the transaction.

Available Selectable Comments options:
- Unlimited - There is no limit to the number of Selectable Comments that may be chosen. Press the [Esc] key to close the list of available Selectable Comments.
- 1 per line - Only one Selectable Comment may be chosen. The list of available Selectable Comments closes after a single choice.
- Qty Shipped - The number of Selectable Comments must equal the number of units shipped.

To enable this parameter:
- Select Parameters from the Sales Manager Transaction Menu.
- Select Line Items.
- Select the Selectable Comments button on the Line Item Entry Parameters screen.
- Choose an option from the list of available Selectable Comments options.
- Select [OK] or press [F10] to save.


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