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Entry Field - Defines the default Line Item Entry Field.
List Field - Defines the default Item Lookup List [F2] sort order.
Edit Field - Defines the default Edit Field when Line Item Detail [F3] is displayed.
Enable Qty * Item - Enables fast scanning of multiples of the same item.
Stock Number CheckSum - Enables the use of an error-checking digit with Stock Number.
Description Check - Enable to locate a Description match in the Inventory Lookup List.
Lock Multiple Items Found - Displays a message before the Which One? list appears .
Lock on Item Not Found - Enable to display the "*** Scan was not Accepted ***" message.
Prompt to Add Item Not Found - Enable to display the "Item Not Found! Add item to database?" message.
Confirm Quantity - Cursor stops at the Qty column for confirmation as items are entered.
Confirm Shipped Qty - Cursor stops at the Shipped column for confirmation as items are entered.
Confirm Price - Cursor stops at the Price column for confirmation as items are entered.
Confirm $0.00 Cost - Prompt for a Cost if an item is entered with a Cost of zero.
Warn if Price is Below Cost - Display a warning message if the item's Price is less than its Cost.
Auto Return to Lookup List - Returns to lookup list after item is selected.
Copy Inventory Comment - Copy Inventory Database Comments to the line item Comment field.
Stock Shortage Warning - Warns clerk when quantity entered exceeds current Quantity On Hand.
Check Order Qty - Turns on Stock Shortage Warning for the Order Quantity field.
X For Pricing Applies to All - When X for Pricing is met, all items get the discount.
Round XFor Pricing (when possible) - Rounds XFor Prices to the nearest penny.
Scan Serial Numbers - Enter or Scan Serial Numbers into the Serial Number box.
[Enter] for Complete Sale - Sets the [Enter] key to move to the Complete Sale screen.
Default Tax Code - The Tax Code assigned to Non-Inventory Items.
Max Qty - Defines the maximum quantity that can be entered for an item.
Global Max Price - Defines the maximum price that can be entered for any item.
Max Price Field - Defines the Price field used for an item's maximum price amount.
Max Returns Total - Defines the maximum Total Amount allowed for returns.
Merge Same Items - If same Inventory item is entered more than once, merge it into previous entry.
Update Ship Qty Only when Editing Orders - Used to quickly update the quantity being shipped when you edit an existing order.
Selectable Comments - Limits the number of Selectable Comments on a transaction.
Coupon Item - Enter unique Inventory item used to represent manufacturer's coupons.
Prescription Item - Enter unique Inventory item used to represent a pharmacy prescription item.


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