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Sales Manager - Parameters - Line Item Entry - [Enter] for Complete Sale

The [Enter] for Complete Sale Line Item Entry Parameter enables the [Enter] key to be used to advance to the Complete Sale Screen.

When [Enter] for Complete Sale is enabled, the [Enter] key may be pressed while on the last line of the Item Entry Screen to advance to the Complete Sale Screen.

When disabled, one of the following methods must be used instead:

- Press the [F10] key.
- Use a Payment Hot Key or Payment touch button.
- Click on the Subtotal area with the mouse.
- Use the Transaction-Complete menu function.

To enable this parameter:
- Select Parameters from the Sales Manager Transaction Menu.
- Select Line Items.
- Select [Enter] for Complete Sale on the Line Item Entry Parameters screen.
- Use the mouse or the [Space Bar] to turn the parameter ON or OFF.
- Select [OK] or press [F10] to save.


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