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The Merge Same Items Line Item Entry Parameter defines the method by which multiples of the same item, originally entered on different lines, are merged onto one line combining quantities. If the Stock Shortage Warning Parameter is also enabled, the available qOH is checked after the Merge Same Items function has merged lines together.

Available Merge Methods:
- No - Do not merge same items (leave them on separate lines).
- Warn - Warn and ask permission before merging.
- Auto - Merge automatically, a warning beep is played.
- Auto-No Beep - Merge automatically, with no warning beep.

Note: Regardless of the Merge Same Items setting, Keystroke does not merge:
- Rental Inventory items (those with the Rental parameter enabled on the Inventory database Main Screen).
- The Inventory item defined as the Coupon Item.
- Inventory items added to the Transaction by inserting a new line using [Ctrl[+[Enter] between existing lines.
- Inventory items on an existing line that are changed.
- Inventory items with the Use Scale field enabled.

To enable this parameter:
- Select Parameters from the Sales Manager Transaction Menu.
- Select Line Items.
- Select the Merge Same Items button on the Line Item Entry Parameters screen.
- Choose an option from the list of available Merge Same Item options.
- Select [OK] or press [F10] to save.


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