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Keystroke supports UPC bar-coded coupons. The barcode is read and if matching line items are located with the required quantities, the coupon discount is applied.

Only the following coupon information is read and used:
- The Company Prefix - the product's manufacturer/vendor.
- The Value Code - the required quantity and the discount.

The following information is NOT read:
- The Family Code - individual product or product family identification.
- The Expiration Date - the Clerk must look at the printed expiration date.

Keystroke does NOT limit the number of coupons per item or transaction, meaning it applies the discount to any items with the correct manufacturer/vendor, adds the quantities together to meet the quantity requirement, without checking the expiration date. Keystroke does not check whether a coupon has already been entered for an item.

Note: Keystroke stores the code of the coupons (a UPC code that starts with the #5) in the Product Code field of the coupon's Line Item.

To enable this parameter:
- Select Parameters from the Sales Manager Transaction Menu.
- Select Line Items.
- Select the Coupon Item field the Line Item Entry Parameters screen
- Enter the Stock Number of the Coupon Item or press [Ins] to select the Coupon Item from the Inventory Lookup List.
- Select [OK] or press [F10] to save.

Note: The Coupon Item is a special Inventory item. It represents any coupon that is entered and is not the item that the coupon discounts.


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