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Keystroke recognizes a UPC bar code as a coupon code if it starts with 5 and is at least 11 digits long.

- Digits two through six consist of the Company Prefix (which identifies the product's manufacturer/vendor).
- Digits seven through nine contain the Family Code (which identifies the individual product or product family).
- Keystroke does not currently use the Family Code information.
- Digits ten and eleven contain the Value Code (which determines the discount and required quantity).

When Keystroke reads the Company Prefix and Value Code, it compares the Company Prefix from the coupon with digits two through six of the Product Code for each item on the sales transaction screen. When a match is found Keystroke adds up the qualifying item quantities and compares the total with the coupon's required quantity. If the qualifying item quantity total is sufficient, Keystroke applies the coupon discount.

Note: Keystroke stores the coupon code (a UPC code that starts with the #5) in the Product Code field of the coupon's Line Item.


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