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Sales Manager - Coupons - GS1 US (formerly UCC) Standards and Guidelines

Keystroke reads bar-coded coupons that are issued by the manufacturer or vendor, and follow the standards set by the GS1 US (formerly Uniform Code Council).

For more information on GS1 US (formerly UCC) standards, visit the GS1 US web site:


Coupons: What Keystroke Does

Coupons: Coupon Code Example

Coupons: Setting Them Up

Coupons: Inventory Items to which Coupons Apply

Coupons: Creating the Special Coupon Item

Coupons: Entering a Coupon on a Transaction

Coupons: Applying the Coupon

Coupons: Change Line Item Product Codes

Coupons: Change Line Item Product Codes - Merge Same Item Settings

Line Item Entry Parameters

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