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To apply manufacturer or vendor coupons to an Inventory item, enter the five digit Company Prefix in digits two through six of the item's Product Code. No other changes to the item's Inventory record are required. The Company Prefix digits should be followed by at least five more digits.

For example, in the Product Code 94975212345CV, 49752 is the Company Prefix.

When Keystroke looks for the Company Prefix to match with a coupon, it looks only in digits two through six. The following Product Code examples also match the coupon's Company Prefix:


Note: Keystroke does not search Alternate Codes for a Company Prefix match. The Company Prefix must be included in the Product Code field.

Note: Keystroke stores the coupon code (a UPC code that starts with the #5) in the Product Code field of the coupon's Line Item.


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