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UCC Coupon Code example: 5 49752 59032 7

5 - The UCC prefix defines a manufacturer/vendor coupon (which is recognized by Keystroke as a coupon code).
49752 - The Company Prefix identifies the product's manufacturer or vendor (which Keystroke uses to locate a match in digits two through six of the items' Product Codes.
590 - The Family Code. Keystroke does not use this information.
32 - The Value Code represents the coupon value and required amount (which Keystroke uses to apply the discount to qualified items). In this example, the value Code = $0.75 off required quantity of 2.
7 - The Check Digit is used for error-checking.

What Keystroke does when this UCC Coupon Code is read:

- Looks for line items with 49752 in positions 2-6 of the Product Code.
- Checks for the required quantity of those items.
- If the quantity is at least 2, $0.75 is subtracted from the sales transaction amount.

Note: Keystroke stores the coupon code (a UPC code that starts with the #5) in the Product Code field of the coupon's Line Item.


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