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Sales Manager - Price Calculator

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The Price Calculator adds or subtracts either a dollar amount or a percentage to or from a price.

To display the Price Calculator, press [F3] from the Price field on the Sales Transaction Item Entry screen (or press [Ins] from the Price field to display the Price List, choose a price to use with the Price Calculator, and then press [Ins] again).

The left-most field contains either the Price from the Price Column, or the Price that was selected from the Price List. By default, the cursor is located in the middle field where the value to be added or subtracted is entered. By default, the Price Calculator is configured to subtract the value as a percentage. The right-most field displays the result of the calculation.

For example, to subtract 10% from an item's $100 price, enter 10 in the middle field and press the [Tab] key once to perform the calculation.

[$100.00] - [10]% = [$90.00]

- Use the [Tab] key to navigate between fields.
- Use the [SpaceBar] key to toggle the operator between + and -.
- Use the [SpaceBar] key to toggle the value definition between $ and %.

For example, to add $5 to item's $20 price:
- Enter 5
- Press [Tab] to navigate to the % field
- Press the [SpaceBar] to change it to $
- Press [Tab] three times to navigate to the - field
- Press the [SpaceBar] to change it to a +

[$20.00] + [5]$ = [$25.00]

Press [Enter] or [F10] to exit the Price Calculator with the new calculated Price.

Press [Esc] to cancel the new calculated Price.


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