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The Dimension Calculator is used to sell items when the Base Price represents the price of a single unit of measure and multiple units are typically sold as one physical piece. Access the Dimension Calculator by pressing [F2] or [Ins] from the Qty column on a Sales Transaction or add a Dimension Calculator Script to the items with unique, default settings for each item.

Up to five dimensions (Pieces, Width, Length, Height, and Weight) may be entered in any combination to calculate the Total. Or, a Total may be entered and the first unused d imension on the list (unused dimensions are indicated by a zero) is back-calculated.

The calculation formula, total, and price are displayed at the bottom of the Dimension Calculator screen.

For example, an item such as carpet that is sold for $2.00 per square foot (Base Price=$2.00, Sale Unit=SqFt, Sale Qty=1):

Pieces= 1
Width= 9
Length= 3
Height= 0
Weight= 0
Total= 27
1@(9x3)=27 SqFt
27@ $2.00/SqFt = $54.00 Total Price.

Since Height and Weight are zero, they are not used when calculating the Total.

If the Total is changed to 108, the calculator back-calculates the previously unused dimension Height= 4:

Pieces= 1
Width= 9
Length= 3
Height= 4
Weight= 0
Total= 108
1@(9x3x4)=108 SqFt
108@ $2.00/SqFt = $216.00 Total Price.

Press Ok or [F10] to accept the calculation, exit the Dimension Calculator, and place the Total in the current Qty column.

The formula and total will also appear in the line item Comment field.

The Pieces field initially contains the Line Item Quantity.

The Weight field initially contains the Line Item Weight.

When exiting the Dimensional Calculator by using the Ok button or by pressing [F10], the Pieces field is reset to equal the Total.

If the Weight field is equal to anything other than 0 when the Dimension Calculator is first accessed, it is used to calculate the Total/Pieces and then it is reset to 1.

Note: The dimension fields support up to 6 decimal places but the Total is rounded to 3 in order to be transferred back into Qty column on the Sales Transaction.


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