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The Dimensional Calculator Script displays the Dimension Calculator with customized settings for use with the Scripted Item. The customized settings are only used for the Scripted Item when the Dimensional Calculator Script is called and do not affect the calculator's appearance with other items.

The Label, Default Qty, Units, and Default Field settings are used to customize the Dimensional Calculator for use with the Script:


- Enter a new label for any of the dimensions or the total.

- With the exception of the Total, if a label for a dimension is left blank the dimension will not be displayed and will not be used in calculations.

- The Total will always be used even if its label is left blank.

- An ampersand(&) can be used in a label to designate a HotKey for the dimension and the character that follows the ampersand(&) is the HotKey for that dimension. For example: if the Width field has the label &Width: it appears in the Dimension Calculator as Width: and the HotKey combination [Alt][W] places the cursor directly in the Width field.

Default Qty:

Enter the quantity to display in the field when the calculator first appears. Normally, this value is 0.

A Default Qty cannot be entered for Pieces-(taken from line item Qty), Weight-(taken from line item Weight), and Total-(determined by calculation).


A Units field is available for each dimension and for the total.

If a Units field includes an ampersand(&) it will be included in the line item comment and it will appear in the comment strictly for reference. For example: 2 pieces @ (3 feet X 1.5 feet X 4 feet.)

Keystroke replaces the & with the number. For example: If 2 is entered in the Width Qty field with the following settings, it will be listed in the line item comment as shown:

If Label="&Width" and Units="& feet", then Comment="2 feet".

If Label="&Width" and Units="feet: &", then Comment="feet: 2".

If Label="&Width" and Units="&", then Comment="2".

If Label="&Width" and Units=[blank], then Comment=[blank].

If Label="&Width" and Units="feet", then Comment="feet".

If all Units are left blank the dimension calculation is not added to the line item comment.

Default Field:

The cursor appears in this field when the Dimension Calculator is displayed.

To set the Default Field, select Default Field on the Script module's Dimension Calculator Settings screen and choose the Default Field from the pop-up list.

The Default Field setting only applies to the current Script.

Dimensional Calculator Script Parameters:

[Use On] - select the Transaction Type (or All Types) on which the script will run.

*[Advanced Restrictions] - run script only within any of the following restrictions (any of which may be combined): Date Range, Time Of Day, Day Of Week, Day Of Month, Min qty, Max Qty, Script Filter.

* - requires Keystroke Advanced license.


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