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Sales Manager - Confirm Age

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When an item with a minimum age requirement is added to the Sale Transaction Item Entry screen, the Confirm Age screen is displayed to help the Clerk confirm the Customer's age.

The Check Minimum Age Sales Entry Parameter must be enabled in order for the Confirm Age screen to be displayed.

The Over Verification Age button or check box may be used to quickly verify a Customer's age if the Customer is obviously over the age for which an ID is required. When the Over Verification Age function is used, the Birthdate field is automatically populated.

If the Over Verification Age function is not used, the Birthdate field must be completed by manually typing the Customer's birthdate, by swiping the Customer's driver's license, or by scanning the 2D barcode on the Customer's driver's license.

Keystroke uses the Birthdate and the computer's system date to calculate the Customer's age. The age is saved and displayed in the Invoice Comment field.

Note: Minimum age requirements are defined using the Minimum Age field on Department, Category, and Location database records.


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