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Sales Manager - Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode can be configured to enter sales in a self-checkout / kiosk environment.

To enable the entry of sales in a self-checkout or a kiosk mode, the following settings should be configured:

1) Create a Kiosk Mode sales entry clerk with a security level of 11 and no password. Note: when this Clerk is logged in, access to most features is disabled. Use the [F4] key to login with a clerk that has an elevated security level to make changes or exit the Sales Manager. The toolbars in Kiosk Mode should have a button that runs a macro using SendKeys={F4} to display the clerk login screen.

2) Use a startup command with a unique Register Number (/R startup switch) and a unique KSCNF.DAT file (/C startup switch).

3) In Sales Manager-Transaction-Parameters-Entry-Customer Entry, Turn Off Enter Customer First.

4) In Configuration Manager, set the Settings-Database-Default Clerk to the Kiosk Mode clerk.

5) In Configuration Manager-Tables-Security Levels, change the following Security settings to 11:

-Access Sales Manager

Sales Transaction-Sales Invoice:
-Create New Transaction
-Payment-Add New to New Transactions
-Sell (Back Order) Out of Stock Items
-Valid Customer NOT Required

6) In Configuration Manager-Tables-Sales Payment Types: Change the Security Levels - Add New Payment setting for any payment to be used to 11 (e.g. Visa/MC/Disc).

7) In Configuration Manager-Tables-Print Buttons-SM: Sales: Change the Security Level of the Print Buttons to be used to 11.

8) In the WS#.INI file, add: GoTo=TRN and StatusBar=Off lines.

Optional Settings:

In Configuration Manager-Tables-Security Levels-General, set View Menu / Auto Logout to 11 to make the Top Menu Bar visible and to monitor the Auto Logout time setting.

In Configuration Manager-Tables-Security Levels-General, set Can Click on Main Screen to 11 to allow the Clerk to use the mouse to click (or touchscreen to touch) on the main transaction line item entry screen. Note: The mouse and touch screen still work on toolbar buttons and in pop-up dialog boxes.

Note: To enable any other functions for the Kiosk Mode clerk, set the security level to 11 on them as well.


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