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Sales Manager - ROA Payments-Credit Memos

To enter a payment Received On Account:

- Select Credit Memo from the Special menu or press [Shift]+[F8].

- Enter the Customer for which the Credit Memo is to be entered.

- Enter the Payment Amount and Reference information (i.e., check number).

- Verify the Date.

- Change the Payment Type if necessary.

- Print or Save the Credit Memo.

Note: Credit Memos must be applied to open Invoices in the Accounts Receivable module. When possible, enter ROA Payments directly in the Accounts Receivable module. Credit Memos should be used only when a Clerk cannot enter a payment in Accounts Receivable.

To view or print a list of open Credit Memos:

- Go to the Sales menu in the Report Manager.

- Select ROA payments.

- On the ROA Payments screen, select Detail.

- Enable the Credit Memos Only parameter.

- Keystroke print a list of Credit Memos that have not yet been applied to specific Invoices.


Credit Memo - Payment Received On Account

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