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Sales Manager - Line Item Prices - Adjusting

Keystroke initially obtains an item's Price from its Inventory database record Base Price field. The Base Price is then compared to the Sale Price (if the item's On Sale parameter is enabled). The lower of the two is then compared to discount prices calculated by eligible Price Tables. Finally, the single lowest price is used for the item's current price on the Sales Transaction Item Entry screen.

To manually adjust the current price on the Item Entry screen, navigate to the Price field and enter a new price.

To look up other prices:

- Navigate to the Price field.

- Press [Ins] to display all the item's price level fields from its Inventory database record.

- Press the [Down Arrow] key to view the Last, Average, and Vendor Costs.

- Select a price, or press the [Ins] key again to display the Price Calculator.

For example:

An item's Base Price is $6.99, the item is not currently On Sale, and it needs to be sold to a Customer at the Sale Price. Navigate to the item's Price field on the Item Entry screen, press [Ins], select the Sale Price from the list of prices, and press [Enter].

To navigate directly to the Price Calculator, press [F3] from the Item Entry screen Price field. The Price Calculator is displayed with the current value loaded.

For Example:

To give the Customer an 18% discount from the current Price, navigate to the item's Price field on the Item Entry screen. Press [F3] to display the Price Calculator, enter 18 in the Price Calculator's % field, and press [Enter].


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