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Sales Manager - Recall a Deleted Transaction

Keystroke has two methods for removing Sales Transactions:

Void (Reversing)

The Recall function applies only to the Delete method, which marks a record as "Deleted" but does not permanently remove it until the Transaction File is Packed.

The Recall function does not apply to the Void method (which creates a reversing transaction).

The Recall Function retrieves only records that have been Deleted since the last time the Transaction File in which they are saved was Packed. If the Transaction File has been Packed, only the records deleted since that Pack may be recalled. Records deleted before the Pack may not longer be recalled.

To Recall a Deleted record:

- Select Recall from the Sales Manager Transaction menu.

- Select the Transaction Type to Recall from the list.

- Select the transaction and press [Enter].

Note: To recall a transaction that has been removed using the Void method, another Void must be created.


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