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Delete and Void are two different functions.

Void (Reversing)
Creates a reversing transaction with the Current Date with the same number as the original transaction and has the letter "v" (a lower case "v") appended to the number. It takes the amount paid out of the till and returns stock to inventory. Both the original and reversing transactions remain in the Transaction File. The Reversing Transaction has the same Clerk Number as the original.

Changes the transaction so that it is labeled as **DELETED** and has no line items and no payments. A Deleted transaction can be Recalled as long as the Transaction File has not been Packed.

Comparison of Void and Delete:

Cash Payments
Void - Negative w/ current date.
Delete - Removed from original date.

Credit Card Payments
Void - Card Voided/Credited.
Delete - Card NOT voided or credited.

Gift Card Payments
Void - Card Voided/Canceled.
Delete - Card NOT voided or canceled.

Void - Returned to Inventory.
Delete - Returned to Inventory.

Void - Not affected.
Delete - Permanently deleted.

Void - Does not apply.
Delete - Available if file has not been Packed.

Transaction Record
Void - Available for reference.
Delete - Not available unless Recalled.

Transaction Lock
Void - Available if locked.
Delete - Not available to delete.

To Delete or Void a Transaction:

- Select Delete/Void from the Sales Manager's Transaction menu.
- Select Void or Delete from the Method list.
- Select the Transaction Type from the list.
- Select the sort order.
- Select the transaction and press [Enter].


Recall a Deleted Transaction

Recall a Voided Transaction

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