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Sales Manager - Recall a Voided Transaction

The Recall function works with only with Deleted transactions and cannot be used to recall a Voided transaction.

Keystroke Voids a transaction by creating a reversing transaction, which returns the items on the original transaction to Inventory, and removes the Payments from the Till.

To recall a Voided transaction, the original Void transaction must be Voided:

- Select Delete/Void from the Sales Manager's Transaction menu.

- Select Void from the list.

- Select the Transaction Type to Void from the list.

- Select the Sort order from the list.

- Select the Voided transaction that you want to recall. A Voided transaction will consist of the original transaction followed by the reversing transaction and will have the same transaction number:

1297 - BB's Bar - 1 - 08/02/17 - $98.67
1297 - BB's Bar (08/02/17) - 1 - 08/04/17 - -$98.67

- Select the original voiding transaction (the one with the negative dollar amount) and press [Enter]. Keystroke creates a new reversing transaction which Voids the original Void and displays the Complete Sale screen for the new transaction.

- Select Ok.

- Select Save from the Print Button list to complete the process.

The Void is now be Voided and the original transaction is restored.

The transaction list in will now look like this:

1297 - BB's Bar - 1 - 08/02/17 - $98.67
1297 - BB's Bar (08/02/17) - 1 - 08/04/17 - -$98.67
1297 - BB's Bar (08/04/17) - 1 - $98.67

Note: The reversing transaction replaces part of the Customer name with the Date of the original transaction.


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