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The Special Order Sales Transaction Type is normally used to create an order based on a Customer request for items not usually in stock. An example of its use:

- A customer orders items that is not normally kept in stock.
- The Clerk enters a Special Order transaction with the quantities of the items ordered entered in the OnOrd Quantity column.
- The items are ordered and received from the Vendor (via Keystroke Purchase Transactions).
- When the items arrive, the Clerk opens the Special Order, enters the item quantities in the Ship Quantity column, and Keystroke creates a Sales Invoice.

Special Orders commonly provide the following functionality:
- Allow a Minimum Payment (Deposit Amount) requirement to be defined.
- Allow Credit Payments (On Account) to be used.
- Updates Quantity On Hand, Quantity Allocated, Total Sold and last Sold in Inventory.
- Updates Customer Amount Due, Total Purchased and Last Purchased.
- Automatically converts to Sales Invoices (the Transaction Type to which it converts may be changed).
- May be manually converted to other Sales Transaction Types.


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