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Sales Transaction Types may be changed both before and during a transaction. The Sales Transaction Type of a transaction that has already been saved may also be changed.

There are two ways to manually change a Transaction Type:

Select Transaction Type from the Special, Transaction Type menu function.

Press the Hot Key for the Transaction Type.

If a saved transaction is opened using Edit/View/Print and its Type is changed, The transaction's Date and Time are changed to the current Date/Time. If the transaction is changed back to the original Transaction Type before it is saved, its Date and Time are reverted to its original Date/Time.

The number assigned to the new (changed) transaction is determined by the original Transaction Type's Keep Number When Converted Save Parameter, and/or the new Transaction Type's Next Number From Transaction Parameter setting.

Note: When a transaction is changed/converted from one type to another, Keystroke checks to see if any of the Inventory Items have been marked as Hidden. If any are found, a warning message is displayed stating how many and includes a button to display a list of the line items that represent currently Hidden Inventory Items.


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