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The Layaway Sales Transaction Type is normally used to set aside Inventory items at Customer's requests until they have made the payments required to purchase the items (thereby converting the Layaway to a Sales Invoice).

Layaways commonly provide the following functionality:
- Updates the items' Layaway Quantity and Quantity On Hand.
- Allow a Minimum Payment (Deposit Amount) requirement to be defined.
- Can be configured to allow Credit Payments (On Account).
- Can be configured to update Customer Amount Due and Total Purchased (in addition to Last Purchase Date).
- Automatically converts to Sales Invoice when fully tendered (the Transaction Type to which it converts may be changed).

To make Payments on an existing Layaway:

- Select Edit/View/Print from the Transaction menu.

- Select Layaway from the list of Transaction Types.

- Select the sort order for the Layaway Lookup List.

- Select the desired Layaway from the Layaway Lookup List.

- Press [Enter] or [F10] to proceed from the Item Entry screen to the Complete Sale screen.

- Use Select New Payment to add a payment.

- Follow the standard procedure for entering a payment.

If the payments are less than the total, Keystroke saves the transaction as a Layaway again. If the payments equal the required total, Keystroke converts the Layaway to a Sales Invoice.


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