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The On Hold Sales Transaction Type is normally used to suspend the current Sales Transaction. An example of its use:

- The Clerk has scanned all the Customer's items onto the Sales Transaction Item Entry screen.
- The Customer discovers they have accidentally left their wallet/purse in their car.
- The Clerk places the Sales Transaction On Hold (while the Customer goes to their car) in order to ring up the next Customer's sale.
- When the Customer returns from their car to complete the transaction, the Clerk loads the On Hold transaction and completes the sale without having to re-scan all the items.

On Holds commonly provide the following functionality:
- Do not allow a Minimum Payment.
- Updates Quantity On Hand and Quantity Allocated in Inventory.
- Automatically convert to Sales Invoices (the Transaction Type to which it converts may be changed).
- May be manually converted to other Sales Transaction Types.


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