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Sales Manager - Items with Custom Descriptions (Using the * Character)

To prompt the Clerk to enter a custom Description for an Item when it is added to a Sales Transaction:

- The item's Inventory database record Description field must contain ONLY the asterisk (*) character.

- When the item is added to a Sales Transaction using any method, Keystroke returns to the Description column so a custom Description may be entered.

- If a Description is not entered, the Description field is left blank and Keystroke proceeds to the next line on the Item Entry screen.

For example:

If Stock #365 is a $6.99 coffee mug made by MugWorks, and the mugs are sold with a variety of designs and slogans, some of the mug's Inventory database record fields might look like this:

Product Code: MUGWORKS0001
Manufacturer: MUGWORKS
Description: *
Extended Desc: Mug (Enter item description on invoice)

When Stock#365 is added to a Sales Transaction, the Description field is automatically displayed so the line item appears on the screen like this:

Class - Description - Qty - Price - Amount
KITCHEN -   - 1 - 6.99 - 6.99

The Clerk then types in a description to identify the mug.

To prompt the Clerk to enter a description, the Extended Description may be used as a prompt which appears in the Detail box at the bottom of the Item Entry screen:
Mug (Enter item description on invoice)


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