Keystroke Point of Sale Help

Sales Manager - Menus - Special

Closeout - Reconcile cash drawer amounts and print Closeout reports.

Reload Line Items - Reloads Line items with current costs and prices.

Credit Memo - Accept a payment toward a customer's credit account. [Shift]+[F8]

Transaction Type - Select the Sales Transaction Type to be used for the current transaction.

Quick Save - Instantly save a transaction. [Shift]+[F10]

Quick Load - Instantly reload a transaction saved with Quick Save. [Ctrl]+[Home]

Sort Line Items - Sort the line items on the transaction.

Edit Line Items - Displays the Line Item Detail screen. [F3]

Import Line Items - Import items into the transaction from a file.

Import Transaction - Updates the current transaction, similar to IMPTRN.EXE.

Gift Card - Run the Gift Card function. [Ctrl]+[F7]

Process Recurring Transactions - Process Monthly Dues, Off-Site Credit Card Orders, etc.


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