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The Gift Card function is accessed by pressing [Ctrl]+[F7] or by selecting Gift Card from the Special menu. When selected, the Gift Card Entry screen is displayed. The Gift Card Entry screen display may also be triggered by line items or payments.

Card # - The field into which the Gift Card is swiped (or manually entered).

Amount - The field into which the Gift Card amount is entered if Issuing/Selling, Reloading, or Redeeming a Gift Card. For Checking Balance, do not enter an amount.

Issue/Sell - Select/Click this option to Issue/Sell (Activate) a newly entered Gift Card.

Check Balance - Select/Click this option to perform a balance inquiry on the Gift Card.

Reload - Select/Click this option to add value to an already issued Gift Card.

Redeem - Select/Click this option to use the Gift Card to pay for items on the current Sales Transaction. If the Redeem request for a gift card is denied and the Card Balance amount is not zero but is less than the amount requested, the default amount is changed to the Card Balance amount.

Note: As line items or payment types are added to a Sales Transaction, they are compared to the Gift Card Triggers that have been set up in Configuration Manager, Tables, Gift Cards. If items or payments match any of the Gift Card Triggers, the Gift Card Entry screen for that Trigger is displayed automatically.


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