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A Macro is a set of commands that are run when the Macro is used. Macros can be run by calling them by their assigned Hot Key (a specified keyboard combination - for example: [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[D]), from a Toolbar Button, from a Script, from other programs, or from other Macros. The commands included in a Macro can vary from simple simulated key presses to advanced defined values for variables. Access Macros from the Transaction, Parameters, Macros menu. Access the Edit Macro screen by pressing [Ins] to create a new Macro or pressing [F3] to edit an existing Macro.

Macro Commands:

SalesEntryCommand - Perform various sales-related functions.
MessageBox - Display a message box with an OK button.
@Set - Change a Variable to be equal to a specified Value.
@ToggleFlag - Toggle the bit value of a variable.
PopUp - Pop up a Keystroke function.
RunMenu - Run a selected menu.
RunMacro - Run a macro.
Play - Play a sound file through Windows' sound system.
Run - Run another application or a DOS command.
RunDoc - Run another application or a DOS command in a new window.
Call - Run another application or a DOS command after the current process ends.
SendKeys - Create commands equivalent to pressing individual keys on the keyboard.
SecurityLevel - Set the Security Level required to use the Macro.
SecurityCheck - Set the Macro Security Level equal to that of a Keystroke function.
ToolBarOn - Display a Toolbar.
ToolBarOff - Hide a Toolbar.
ToolBarToggle - Toggle a Toolbar On or Off.
ToolBarOnTop - Place a Toolbar on top of another Toolbar.
Pause - Pause for a set number of seconds.
ChangeModule - Switch to another module.
RunReport - Run a Report Cue.

Note: Keystroke does not check for duplicate Macro Names or HotKeys. Only the first one found will be used. The HotKey is optional because Macros can be run from any location that supports macro functions (Toolbar Buttons, other Macros, Scripts, etc.).


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