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Macros - Call

The Call= command runs another program or a DOS command after the current process ends. Square brackets "[]" symbolize entries to be replaced.

Usage: Call=[Program Name] or Call=[Path + Program Name]

The Call command supports the following Keystroke system variables:

%DATADIR% - The current Keystroke data directory.
%MNUM% - The current Machine Number.
%REGISTER% - The current Register Number.
%SWITCHES% - Is replaced by the Command Line Switches used to start Keystroke.
%SysInfo% - Encrypted system information including the current Clerk and Data Folder to use (including any overrides by database). This variable should only be used when running another Keystroke program (currently Dashboard.exe is the only one that supports it).

Example1: Call=Notepad.exe

Example2: Call=%DataDir%\MyProgram.exe


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