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Macros - MessageBox

The MessageBox= macro displays a message box with the specified text. The message box is displayed with an OK button and a Cancel button and does not allow the Clerk to continue until the OK or Cancel button is clicked, the [Enter] key is pressed, or the [Esc] key is pressed.


MessageBox={the text to be displayed in the MessageBox goes here}.

NumButtons={# of buttons}. The default number of buttons is 2 but can be set to 0 (no buttons), 1 (Ok only), 2 (Ok/Cancel), or 3 (Yes/No/Cancel). "No" and "Cancel" both stop the macro. If there no buttons are displayed any key except [Esc] (or clicking the X) will continue the macro. The NumButtons parameter is ignored if Pause parameter is used.

Pause={# of seconds}. If the Pause parameter is used the buttons are not displayed and the message is displayed for the defined number of seconds (or until a key is pressed) before the macro proceeds. The Macro will always proceed even if [Esc] is pressed.

Tip: add the Pause={# of seconds} parameter to automatically clear the Message Box after the specified number of seconds.


MessageBox=Please ask the customer for their Email Address

This example displays the Message Box asking for an email address and then closes the Message Box after 5 seconds.

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