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The Gift Registry Sales Transaction Type is normally used to suggest gift items for a specific Customer. An example of its use:

- A couple would like to register for several items as wedding gifts.
- The Clerk enters the couple in the Customer database, attaches their Customer record to a Gift Registry Sales Transaction, and enters the registered item quantities in the ReqQ Quantity column on the transaction.
- The purchasing Customers select the items from the Gift Registry transaction to buy them as wedding presents for the couple.
- The Clerk opens the Gift Registry transaction an enters the quantities of the items being purchased in the GiftQ Quantity column.
- Each purchase generates a new Sales Invoice (with the purchasing Customers optionally attached) and decreases the Quantities of the Gift Registry transaction items.
- When the requested Quantity of an item has been purchased, it remains on the Gift Registry with an ReqQ Quantity of 0 to show the request has been fulfilled.

Gift Registries commonly provide the following functionality:
- Does not require a Minimum Payment.
- Allow Credit Payments (On Account) to be used.
- Does not update Inventory or Customer information until the purchasing Customers and Sales Invoices are created.
- Automatically converts to Sales Invoices (the Transaction Type to which it converts may be changed).
- May be manually converted to other Sales Transaction Types.


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