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Sales Manager - Edit a Processed Card Payment

Three options are available from the Warning screen displayed when editing or deleting a Payment that was made with a Credit, Debit, or Purchase card that has already been processed by the Payment Processing function.

Editing or deleting such a Payment may cause a discrepancy between the Keystroke Payment records and the card authorization service's Payment records.

The Warning screen displays:

WARNING: This payment was created by ????????????? and should only be changed by editing or deleting ?????????????. Proceed with editing/deleting this payment?

The three options are:

Yes- view the Payment record in edit mode in order to change some of the Payment data (the Payment Date cannot be edited).

No- view the Payment in read-only mode to view the Payment data or use any Print Buttons on the Payment screen. Payment data cannot be changed.

Cancel- Exit the Payment screen without viewing the Payment data.


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