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A Sales Invoice is a fully completed transaction. All Sales Transaction Types eventually become Sales Invoices when the items on the transactions are shipped and the transactions have been fully tendered (payments On Account qualify as tendered).

Sales Transactions that are partially paid for or incomplete are typically saved as On Hold or Layaway transactions.

Sales Transactions that have items that have not yet shipped to Customers are typically saved as Sales Orders or Special Orders (and may include deposit payments). Items that are on order from Vendors, and will be shipped to Customers when they are received are referred to as Back Ordered.

When a Sales Invoice is saved, Keystroke:
- Increases the items' Total Sold Quantity.
- Updates the items' Last Sold Date.
- Decreases the items' Quantity On Hand, or the Layaway Quantity (for an Invoice converted from a Layaway), or the Allocated Quantity (for an Invoice converted from an Order).
- Increases the Rental items' Quantity On Hand and decreases their Allocated Quantity (for an Invoice converted from a Rental).
- Updates Customer Amount Due, Total Purchased and Last Purchased.
- Does NOT automatically convert or archive to any other Sales Transaction Type.


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