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Back Orders are an additional method with which to look up inventory items saved on Sales Transaction Types (that have the Back Order List Update Parameter enabled), where the Ordered Quantity is greater than the Shipped Quantity. The Back Orders Lookup List provides a way to locate these items using Inventory item information (Description, Product Code, Stock Number, Class, Manufacturer, and AltID#) in addition to Transaction and Customer information. A Back Ordered item typically represents an inventory item ordered by a Customer which the store has not yet received from the Vendor, therefore has not yet been shipped to the Customer.

When a transaction with Back Ordered items is saved, Keystroke creates a Back Order entry for each line item for which the Ordered quantity is greater than the Shipped quantity. A Back Order is filled (completed) when the Ordered quantity and Shipped quantity are equal, at which point Keystroke removes the line item from the Back Order List.

To use the The Back Order List to locate back ordered items or transactions that contain back ordered items:

- In Sales Manager select Edit/View/Print from the Transaction menu.

- Select Back Orders.

- Choose the sort category.

- Select the desired Back Order.

To run a Report showing back ordered items:

- In the Report Manager, select Back Orders from the Sales menu.

- Select the appropriate options on the Back Orders report setup screen.

- Select Ok to print the report.


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