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The Description field is a 30 character, indexed, alphanumeric field and may be used to enter items on transactions and to sort items in Lookup Lists and on Reports.

The Description field is used is used to describe each Inventory Item (or service). Descriptions typically contain information such as product name, title, model, etc.

Special attention should be paid to the Description field since it is the field most commonly viewed to identify a record. Care should be taken to ensure the Description field contains no spelling errors and that a consistent naming convention is used to describe similar Inventory items. An example of a naming convention would be to order the sequence of the words used from most general to most detailed (e.g. "Pepsi Case Bottles", "Pepsi Case Cans", "Pepsi Six-Pack Bottles", "Pepsi Six-Pack Cans", "Pepsi Single Bottles", "Pepsi Single Cans").

For descriptions longer than 30 characters, see the non-indexed Extended Description field.

The Description may uniquely identify individual items, or the same Description may identify multiple items, and display them in the Which One? Lookup List from which the correct item may be identified by its Description. To ensure that no two items are assigned the same Description when entering new Descriptions, enable the Unique Indexes parameter for the Inventory Description field (Configuration Manager, Setup, Database Settings).

Format: 30 alphanumeric characters.

Indexing: Indexed


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