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Database Manager - Indexed Fields

A database is like a file made up of actual cards or folders. A card or folder file can only be sorted in one way, indexed alphabetically by name or item description, for example.

Keystroke databases can be sorted in several ways depending on the field by which the records are to be looked up. A field that can be used for sorting records is called an Indexed Field. Keystroke maintains an Index for each of the Indexed Fields.

An Index is simply a list of records sorted according to the Indexed field. Keystroke uses Indexed Fields for locating records and creating reports.

The following fields are Indexed:

Inventory Database - Stock Number, Product Code, Class, Manufacturer, Description, AltID#

Customer Database - Customer Number, Customer Code, Lookup Name, Zip Code, Last Name, Phone, WebID, Business Name

Contact Database - Contact's Customer Number, Contact Code, Lookup Name, Zip Code, Alt Name, Phone, AltID#, Email

Vendor Database - Vendor Number, Vendor Code, Vendor Name, Rep Last Name, Phone, Lookup Name

Clerk Database - Clerk Number, Lookup Name

Department Database - Department Code, Department Name

Category Database - Category Code, Category Name

Location Database - Location Code, Location Name

Matrix Items Database - Matrix Code, Matrix Product Code


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