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The Manufacturer field is a 20 character, indexed, alphanumeric field that has virtually all the same capabilities as the Product Code, Class, and Description fields and may be used to enter items on transactions and to sort items in Lookup Lists and on Reports

The Manufacturer field may be used in a number of ways, depending on the requirements of the business. The field is labeled Manufacturer only as a suggested use. Don't let the label limit this field's usage. For example, if the inventory includes books, the publisher might be entered in the Manufacturer field.

The Manufacturer field is not included on all standard Form Files and Reports, and therefore should generally be reserved for information that is relatively less important.

The Manufacturer may uniquely identify individual items, or the same Manufacturer may identify multiple items, and display them in the Which One? Lookup List from which the correct item may be identified by its Description. To ensure that no two items are assigned the same Manufacturer when entering new Manufacturers, enable the Unique Indexes parameter for the Inventory Manufacturer field (Configuration Manager, Setup, Database Settings).

Format: 20 alphanumeric characters.

Indexing: Indexed


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