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The Product Code field is a 20 character, indexed field that supports alphabetic (upper case only) or numeric characters (including most punctuation marks) and may be used to enter items on transactions, and to sort items in Lookup Lists and on Reports.

Product Code should be used for any type of part number or product number such as UPC, ISBN, SKU, or any other manufacturer part number.

Product Code is typically used as the primary method of entering items on transactions, via barcode scanner or keyboard input. If a majority of the Inventory Items are pre-labeled with a Manufacturer-assigned UPC, ISBN, SKU, or other Part Number, the Product Code field is the best place for that information. Barcodes can be scanned directly into the Product Code field to ensure accuracy. If some items are not already barcode labeled by the Manufacturer, print barcode formatted labels for just those items using the Keystroke Label Manager. When doing so, a Product Code needs to be created for those items and it is recommended to enter the Stock Number in the Product Code field.

The Product Code may uniquely identify individual items, or the same Product Code may identify multiple items, and display them in the Which One? Lookup List from which the correct item may be identified by its Description. To ensure that no two items are assigned the same Product Code when entering new Product Codes, enable the Unique Indexes parameter for the Inventory Product Code field (Configuration Manager, Setup, Database Settings).

Format: 20 alphanumeric characters. Lower-case characters are automatically converted to upper-case.

Indexing: Indexed


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