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Keystroke can print barcode price tags using all common barcode formats. The following instructions are intended for use with laser printers. For help printing price tags with specialty thermal label printers, please contact your Authorized Keystroke Point Of Sale Dealer.

Note: Inkjet printers generally do not follow the precise, uniform standards for line & character spacing required to properly align labels when printing barcodes and are therefore not recommended.

Most barcode readers can automatically recognize different formats making it possible to use more than one barcode format on price tags. The Code 128 and Code 39 formats are among the most versatile. They may include both alphabetic and numeric characters and vary in length up to 30 characters. Code 39 is best for alphanumeric fields. Code 128 is best for numeric-only fields.

To print a field as a barcode, select the Alignment field on the Edit Label Field screen. Enter "B" followed by the Barcode Format Code identifying the the barcode format type (i.e. Code 128, UPC-A, etc.). After the "B" and the format code, enter the Barcode Size Code information.

Note: If using a Keystroke Printer Driver to print barcodes, no not set the Driver Length field to 0. The Length should be set to the actual Length of the page or label sheet, measured in lines. For example, 60 lines for a standard page using a 12-point font. If the Length is set to 0, barcodes will be printed only on the first page. If the Length is greater than 0, barcodes are printed on all pages.


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