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Report/Label Editor - Edit Field Screen

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Select any line in the Table of Fields box on Edit Form Screen and press [Enter] or [F3] to edit the current line or [Ins] to add a new field using the Edit Field Screen. Each row in the Table of Fields box represents one field or line.

Line Number - The line number on which the field is printed.

Field Button - Used to select the field to be printed.

Field Text - Used to print text, including labels for subtotals or totals.

Space Before (Track) - Controls the number of spaces before the field is printed.

Width - Controls the width of the field in characters.

Alignment - Controls how the text is aligned within the Width allowed for the field.

Decimal Points - Controls the number of decimal points to display.

Flags - Special instructions regarding the content or formatting of the field.

Print Codes - Controls the selection of print styles for the current data field or text.

Heading - The text heading for the field.


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