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Report/Label Editor - Table of Fields (Report/Label Body)

Reports and Labels are divided into sections. Most Reports and Labels have one or two sections, but some may have up to eight.

The Table of Fields box on Edit Form Screen displays the fields in each section, along with the Field Settings. Each row in the Table of Fields box represents one field or line. The columns represent the print settings:









Hot Keys may be used to change Field Settings directly from the Table of Fields box.

To quickly create a SubTotal field from an existing field within a section:

- Select the field for which the SubTotal is to be created.

- Press [Shift]+[Del] to cut it from the list and place it in Keystroke's clipboard.

- Without moving the cursor, press [Shift]+[Ins] to paste a copy of it into its original position (because [Shift]+[Del] removes the original field from the list, this step is necessary to also keep it in its original location).

- Navigate to the bottom of the current section.

- Press [Shift]+[Ins] again to paste another copy of the field at the end of the section.

- Press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[DownArrow] until the line number changes to ST. The newly pasted field is now a SubTotal field.


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