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Report/Label Editor - Print Codes

Print Codes control the selection of print styles for the current data field or text.

Not all printers are capable of printing all of the styles listed. Please refer to the printer's manual to determine which styles are supported. Multiple Print Codes are allowed. Some trial and error may be necessary to determine which combinations work properly.

For a Printer Code to apply to a field, both the ON and OFF settings must be selected. The ON setting turns the Code on before the field is printed. The OFF setting turns it off after the field is printed. To set a field to print in Bold, for instance, Bold ON and Bold OFF should both be turned on. When Keystroke prints the field, it turns Bold ON, prints the field, and turns Bold OFF.

To turn a Print Code ON or OFF, for the current data field or text:

- Select it.
- Press [Enter] or [Esc] to toggle the code ON or OFF.
- When a check mark is displayed next to a Print Code description, it is currently turned ON.


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