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Report/Label Editor - Field Flags

Field flags are special instructions regarding the content or formatting of the field.

To select a flag:

- Navigate to the Flags field on the Edit Field Screen.

- Press [Ins] to display Flags Lookup List.

- To turn a flag ON or OFF, double-click on it or select it and press [Enter] or [Space]. A flag that is ON displays a check-mark to the left of its description. A field may have multiple flags turned ON at the same time.

Comment Field - Should always be checked if the field is a Comment field.

Detail Only - Do not print the field if Detail for the section is set to Summary.

List Fields - For Serial #s, AltCodes, etc. Prints each item on a separate line.

Skip if Blank - Skip entire line if all fields on the line are blank.

Line Feed Before This Field - Print a blank line before the field.

Line Feed After This Field - Print a blank line after the field.

Add Checksum Digit - Adds an error-checking digit to the end of each Stock Number.

Cost Coding - Print the cost in encrypted format.

Cost Coding Encrypted Format - Cost Coding Encrypted Format Formula.

Print Backwards - Print the contents of the field backwards.

Add Comma Separators - Use commas in long numbers: 1,000.00, 1,000,000, etc.

Upper Case - Prints text in upper-case letters.

-- If Blank - Prints -- if the field is blank.

Call Next Section Before this Field - Print the fields in the next section before printing this field.

Looped Field - Typically used to list Payments.

Bar Graph - Print a decimal fraction field as a bar graph.

Add $ - Place the currency symbol in front of the field.

Skip Line if Blank - Skip entire line if any field on the line is blank.

Commas Instead of Line Feeds - Replace Hard Returns (Carriage Return or Paragraph Mark) with a comma.

Print as Graphic File - Use the text that would normally be printed as the name of the file that contains the graphic to be printed.


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