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The Bar Graph field flag (flag number 16384) prints only numeric field decimal values between 0-1 as a horizontal bar graph.

When the Bar Graph flag is enabled, and the value of the field is a decimal value between 0-1, the value is printed in the form of a horizontal bar graph. The length of the bar is proportional to the Width setting for the field. If the Width is 50, a bar representing 1.0 (100%) would be 50 characters long and a bar representing .5 (50%) would be 25 characters long.

For example, in this excerpt from an Inventory report that contains two Variables. CostPrice= [INV:Cost]/[INV:BasePrice] - divides an item's Cost by it's Base Price. BarNums=0-----25-----50-----75-----100 - prints the legend for a bar graph with a Width of 50 characters where the numbers represent the length in percent, not in characters.

Line 1 [INV:Number]
Line 1 [INV:LongDescription]
Line 2 Cost/Price: (the label for the Cost/Price fraction)
Line 2 [RVAR:CostPrice] (Print the Cost/Price in decimal form)
Line 3 [RVAR:BarNums] Width= -1 (Give it as much space as it needs)
Line 4 [RVAR:CostPrice] Width= 50, (Flag 16384 = Bar Graph)

The output would look something like this:

310   Medium Pre-Knotted Qipu
Cost/Price:   0.45

Note: The Bar Graph Field Flag requires a numeric field and the field's value must contain a decimal value between 0 and 1. If the field is not numeric, or the value is too small, or negative, it will be blank. If the value is greater than 1, the bar will cover the entire width of the field.

The Bar Graph field flag applies to Reports and not to Labels.


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