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Report/Label Editor - Variables - Definition

Variables may be included on reports and labels in the same manner as database fields. The variables themselves may refer to database fields and to other variables. Variables can include filters, calculations, logical operations and functions.

A typical Variable might be used to print the word "Reorder" next to any item for which the QOH is no more than five units above the Minimum Quantity AND has an Average Cost less than ten dollars.

The formula for the Variable looks like this:


Which means: "If the Inventory item's Quantity on Hand is less than or equal to the Minimum Quantity plus five AND if the Average Cost is less than ten dollars, then print 'Reorder', otherwise, don't print anything."

The formula includes an If-Then-Else Function, which in turn includes Filter Conditions ("If the Inventory Cost is less than ten dollars" "If the Inventory item's Quantity on Hand is less than or equal to the Minimum Quantity"), Calculations ("Inventory Minimum Quantity plus five"), and Logical Operator && (the symbol for "and").

To create a new Variable:
- Scroll down to the Variable section at the bottom of the Edit Report/Label Form screen.
- Select Add New Variable.
- Press [Enter].
- To edit an existing Variable, select it and press [Enter].


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