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Report/Label Editor - Edit Variable Screen

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The Edit Variable Screen is accessed by navigating to the bottom of the Table of Fields box on Edit Form Screen and pressing [Enter] or [F3] to edit an existing Variable or selecting the [Add New Variable] option.

In the Name field on the Edit Variable Screen, enter a name by which to refer to the Variable in the future.

The Formula field on the Edit Variable Screen contains the formula that affects the printed output in Reports and on Labels. Variables do not change information saved in database records.

To create the Variable formula:

- Navigate to the Variable Formula field on the Edit Variable Screen and press [Ins].
- Select a data category and press [Enter] to display the category's Select Field Lookup List.
- Select a field from the Lookup List and Press [Enter] to add it to the Variable Formula.

Variable Formulas may include multiple fields and other Variables, combined using standard Formula Operators.

The following example is a Variable that multiplies either the Matrix Price or, if the Matrix Price is blank the Inventory Price, by the Matrix Item Selected Quantity on Hand or, if the Matrix Item Selected QOH is blank, by 0.

Name: Matrix Total Price
Formula: ([MTX:Price]~[INV:Price])*([MTXC:Selected QOH]~0)


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