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All Functions begin with the @ character.

Day Of Month - @DOM(Date String)

Day Of Week - @DOW(Date String)

Date - @DATE(Current Date)

DateVal - @DATEVAL(Numeric Date)

Date Text - @DATETEXT(Numeric Date)

Format - @FORMAT(Expression, FormatString)

If-Then-Else - @IF(Expression,TruePart,FalsePart)

Left Characters - @LEFT(Text,NumCharacters)

Middle Characters - @MID(Text,NumCharacters1,NumCharacters2)

Middle Characters (to end) - @MID(Text,NumCharacters)

Not Equal To - @NOT(Expression)

Right Characters - @RIGHT(Text,NumCharacters)

Wrap (number of characters) - @WRAP (Text,NumCharacters1,NumCharacters2)

Wrap (width only) - @WRAP (Text,Width)


Edit Variable Screen

Variables in SubTotals and Grand Totals

Filters and Formula Operators

Filters - Transaction Types

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