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Reports and Labels - Filters and Formula Functions - Wrap (width only)

Syntax - @WRAP(Text,Width)

Parameters :
Text - Any text or alpha-numeric field.
Width - Any integer.

The @WRAP (width only) function is used for Word Wrapping. It is the same as the Wrap (number of characters) function except that it does not specify the location within the text to be printed. If used the program will start at the first character and keep track of where to start when the field is printed again. Note: This format can only be used once on a single label.

Create a Variable
Name: Description
Formula: @WRAP([INV:Description],19)

Add the variable to the Report or Label form.
Use the variable Description.

If the Description was "Gift Basket with a Bottle of Wine", then the result is:
Gift Basket with a
Bottle of Wine

Result Explained:
Description - Prints the first part of the Description, starting with the 1st character through the 19th character, and moves back to the first space character found, then prints the second part of the Description, starting with the 20th character (using the next 19 characters), and so on.


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