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Report/Label Editor - Transaction Type Filters

Some Sales Reports may be filtered for the different Transaction Types (i.e. Sales Invoices, Sales Layaways, Sales Orders, etc.)

These filters require special character codes:

V = SalesInvoice
1 = SalesOrder
W = Layaway
Q = Quote
= On Hold ([Alt] +130)
Π= Rental ([Alt] +140)
= GiftRegistry ([Alt] +150)
  = Special Order ([Alt] +160)
ª = Service Order ([Alt] +170)
´ = Recurring Charge ([Alt] +180)
¾+ = not used ([Alt] +190)
È = Archives ([Alt] +200)

The last 8 Sales Transaction Type codes are ASCII characters 130 through 200.

It is best to enter them in the filter syntax by pressing the [Ins] key, locating the ASCII Character from the Lookup List, and then selecting it by pressing [Enter].

The following is an example of a filter on a Payments Report, filtering for Rental Transactions:

In Report Manager, under the Sales Menu, select the Payments Report, then select the Filter button.

- Press [Ins] or [F2] to display the list of available filters.
- Select Payment Received, and then select Trans Type.
- Enter the = character and press [Ins] or [F2] again to display the Lookup List.
- Select ASCII Character and find the correct ASCII number (140 in this example).
- Press [Enter] to select the ASCII 140 character code.
- The filter should look like this: [SPR:Trans Type]=Œ

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