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Report/Label Editor - Field Flags - Comment Field

The Comment Field field flag (flag number 1) should always be enabled if the field is a Comment field. Comment fields do not print unless this flag is enabled.

To include Comments on a report form:

- Select the appropriate report section on the Edit Report Form Screen.

- Press [Ins] to view the Edit Report Field Screen.

- Use the Field Button to display the list of field types.

- Select a standard (not a calculated) field type and press [Enter] or [Ins] to display the Select Field list. If the data type supports Comments, the Comment field is listed.

- Select Comment and press [Enter]. The name of the Comment field is now displayed to the right of the Field Button (i.e. [Field] - [INV:Comment]).

- Select the Flags field and press [Ins] to display the list of Flags.

- Select Comment Field from the list. Press [Enter] or [Spacebar} to enable the flag. A check mark is displayed to the left of the Comment Field Flag to indicate it is enabled.

- Press [F10] to exit the list of Flags and save the changes.

- Select the Width field and enter -1 to set the width of the Comment field on the report to from where the column begins to the right-hand margin of the page.

After completing these steps, if a report form includes a Comment field, the Print Comment check-box is displayed on either the main Report Options Screen or on one of the secondary Options Screens such as the Inventory Options secondary Options Screen on the Inventory Database report.

To include the Comment field on the report, select the Print Comments option and press [Enter] or [Spacebar] to enable it. If a report form does not include a Comment field, the Print Comments option is not displayed.


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